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baby_dinosaurs_200h Baby Dinosaurs – $9 including shipping – (ages 3 to 7) – large paperback sticker book all about dinosaur babies with a dinosaur landscape for affixing stickers.
natgeo_dinopedia_200h National Geographic’s Dinopedia – ages 5 to 12 – $25 including shipping – The ultimate dinosaur reference, over 200 pages, hardback and brilliantly illustrated, and all about hundreds of dinosaurs.

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The NEW Dinopedia, National Geographic, 2018
America The Fat, Dumb and Great: Where The U.S Ranks vs The World, 2017
The Dinopedia, National Geographic, 2012
The Wit and Wisdom of Genghis Khan, Exhibitsrex, Inc., 2012
Dinosaurs to Dodos, Scholastic Publications, 2010
Dinosaurs Illustrated, Publications International, 2009
Dinosaurs A to Z, Scholastic Publications, 2008
Why French Women Smell Bad (with Spencer Koelle), Merde Press 2007
The Fastest Dinosaurs, Lerner Publications, 2006
The Smallest Dinosaurs, Lerner Publications, 2006
Horned Dinosaurs, Lerner Publications, 2006
Armored Dinosaurs, Lerner Publications, 2006
Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaurs, Lerner Publications, 2003
Giant Plant-Eating Dinosaurs, Lerner Publications, 2003
Flying Giants of Dinosaur Time, Lerner Publications, 2003
Sea Monsters of Dinosaur Time, Lerner Publications, 2003
Baby Dinosaurs, Grosset & Dunlap, 2003
Killer Dinosaurs, Grosset & Dunlap, 2003
Plant-Eating Dinosaurs, Grosset & Dunlap, 2002
Flying Reptiles, Grosset & Dunlap, 2002
Sea Reptiles, Grosset & Dunlap, 2002
Bigger Than T. rex, Crown Publishing, 2000
Supergiants, Crown Publishing, 1999
Triceratops, Candlewick Press, 1998
T. rex, Candlewick Press, 1998
The Complete T. Rex (with Jack Horner), Simon & Schuster, 1996
Dinosaur Worlds, Boyd’s Mills Press, 1996
Raptors, Little, Brown & Co., 1996
Inside The Amazing Amazon, Crown, 1995
The Iceman, Crown, 1994
Supergiants, Crown, 1993
The Dinosaur Encyclopedia, Random House, 1992
Kings of Creation, (Dinosaurs Rediscovered) Simon & Schuster, 1991
Ornithomimus, Lerner Publications, 1990
Troodon, Lerner Publications, 1990
Seismosaurus, Lerner Publications, 1990
Maiasaura, Lerner Publications, 1990
Jack Horner: A Biography, Scientific American Press, 1990
Digging Up T. Rex, Simon & Schuster, 1989
Aerphobics, William Morrow,1981
Death by Roller Disco, Yuk, Inc. (with Andy Warhol), 1979
How To Flatten Your Nose, Klutz Press, 1977
Life is No Yuk for the Yak, Crare Russak/Charles Scribners, 1975