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(20 foot long Saurolophus sculpture!)

First Set Of Clues:

What state has a “woods” in it
Here it’s a county. Someplace else it’s a state.
This is a good place to be a mogul.

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From the dinosaur advisor of the original Jurassic Park!

Dino Don Inc. makes the largest, most accurate and most affordable robotic dinosaurs for zoos and museums worldwide under the direction of Jurassic Park advisor “Dino” Don Lessem.

Fun with DINOS!


Our Giant Dinosaurs are
in Zoos ALL OVER!


Really. We Give One
Away Every Month!

How We Make


Q. Dino Don, do you use your moustache to brush dirt off fossils? — Valerie Jones, Age 6, Media, PA

A.  Interesting idea, Valerie. Never tried that. Maybe I should use my tongue to clean bones. Yecch.

Who Is
“Dino” Don?