Fun With DINOS!


What’s the biggest bone you ever found?

— Marka Gankhuyag, age 8, Arlington, VA


Nothing big. But my daughter Rebecca found the biggest bone ever discovered – a five foot wide and high backbone of Argentinosaurus, the biggest dinosaur at 110 feet long.

(Left to right) Diplodocus backbone, Argentinosaurus backbone, Camarasaurus backbone, short kid

What’s the dumbest dinosaur and what’s the smartest dinosaur?

— Kata Rivera, aged 5, Miami, FL


Mamenchisaurus was a plant-eater 70 feet long with a brain the size of a ping-pong ball. Comparing brain to body size, it was the stupidest backboned animal ever.

Troodon was the smartest dinosaur. It was a meat-eater the size of a third-grader. It’s brain was as big as an avocado pit. Your brain is the size of a grapefruit.

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  1. What dinosaur had just two fingers?
  2. How many legs did a brachiosaur have?
  3. What dinosaur had three horns?

1. T. rex

2. Four

3. Triceratops


  1. What dinosaur had the biggest teeth?
  2. Name a dinosaur that ends in “raptor”?
  3. What dinosaur had the biggest teeth?

1. T. Rex

2. Velociraptor

3. Barney


  1. What dinosaurs’ name means “thick-head lizard”
  2. What did Dilophosaurus do in Jurassic Park that no real dinosaur can do?
  3. Who was Sir Richard Owen?
  4. Who is the dinosaur Lessemsaurus named for?

1. Pachycephalosaurus

2. Spit poison

3. The scientist who made up the name “Dinosaur”

4. “it’s named after me! Lessem is my last name.”



Dinosaur Quiz

  1. What is the name of the smartest dinosaur?
    1. Troodon
    2. Troo-or-falsadon
    3. Einsteinosaurus
    4. Ralph
      answer: A
  2. Argentinosaurus was found in what country?
    1. Dinoland
    2. France
    3. Enlargentina
    4. Argentina
      answer: D
  3. The shortest dinosaur name is:
    1. X
    2. Micropachycephalosaurus
    3. Stumpy
    4. Yi
      answer: D
  4. The longest dinosaur name is
    1. Antidisestablishmentarianimsos​aurus
    2. Whaddyacallitasaurus?
    3. Micropachycephalosaurus
    4. Iforgetthenamebutiknowitslongo​saurus
      answer: C

What do you call a Mexican tyrannosaur?

ANSWER: T. mex

What do you call a woman stepped on by a Brachiosaur?


Why Have Dinner with a Stegosaurus?

ANSWER: Because it has a lot of plates

What do you call a trainer who uses his right hand to feed a Velociraptor?

ANSWER: Lefty (courtesy Damond John)

“T. rex” by Alfredo De Darc, age 4 Walla-Walla, Washington

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