Fun With DINOS!


What’s the biggest bone you ever found?

— Marka Gankhuyag, age 8, Arlington, VA


Nothing big. But my daughter Rebecca found the biggest bone ever discovered – a five foot wide and high backbone of Argentinosaurus, the biggest dinosaur at 110 feet long.

(Left to right) Diplodocus backbone, Argentinosaurus backbone, Camarasaurus backbone, short kid

What’s the dumbest dinosaur and what’s the smartest dinosaur?

— Kata Rivera, aged 5, Miami, FL


Mamenchisaurus was a plant-eater 70 feet long with a brain the size of a ping-pong ball. Comparing brain to body size, it was the stupidest backboned animal ever.

Troodon was the smartest dinosaur. It was a meat-eater the size of a third-grader. It’s brain was as big as an avocado pit. Your brain is the size of a grapefruit.

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  1. What dinosaur had just two fingers?
  2. How many legs did a brachiosaur have?
  3. What dinosaur had three horns?

1. T. rex

2. Four

3. Triceratops


  1. What dinosaur had the biggest teeth?
  2. Name a dinosaur that ends in “raptor”?
  3. What dinosaur had the biggest teeth?

1. T. Rex

2. Velociraptor

3. Barney


  1. What dinosaurs’ name means “thick-head lizard”
  2. What did Dilophosaurus do in Jurassic Park that no real dinosaur can do?
  3. Who was Sir Richard Owen?
  4. Who is the dinosaur Lessemsaurus named for?

1. Pachycephalosaurus

2. Spit poison

3. The scientist who made up the name “Dinosaur”

4. “it’s named after me! Lessem is my last name.”



Dinosaur Quiz

  1. What are the three different dinosaur periods?
    1. First one, Second One, and Third One
    2. Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous
    3. Myassic, Yourassic, and Thoracic
      answer: b
  2. How did the plant-eater Plateosaurus chop up its food?
    1. It didn’t – it digested it in its stomach
    2. It had a Cuisinart of tooth shapes
    3. It used a chain saw
      ANSWER: A
  3. Therizinosaurus was a mysterious Asian dinosaur. But we do have these bones of an embryo that show it was:
    1. kinda ugly
    2. An unusual meat-eater with teeth designed for eating plants
    3. Made entirely of cheese
      ANSWER; B
  4. The first dinosaur eggs discovered were found in the:
    1. the grocery store dairy aisle
    2. near the beach in France
    3. in a very large cardboard container
      ANSWER: B
  5. Oviraptor had no teeth. So perhaps it ate:
    1. ice cream
    2. tomato soup
    3. small reptiles and mammals
      ANSWER: C
  6. Mamenchisaurus was the longest-necked animal ever. It was:
    1. impossible to pronounce
    2. able to see around corners
    3. the stupidest animal that ever lived
      ANSWER: C
  7. T. rex is no longer considered “King of the Dinosaurs” because:
    1. It retired
    2. We’ve found bigger killer dinosaurs
    3. It had such stupid little arms
      ANSWER: B
  8. Tuojiangosaurus is kind of a stegosaur dinosaur named for
    1. A spicy noodle
    2. Dr. “Toothy” Tuojiang, a Swiss dentist
    3. The Chinese region of Tuojiang
      ANSWER: C
  9. Velociraptor means “speedy thief” and it was given its name by:
    1. A bicycle company which paid to dig it up
    2. A paleontologist from Transylvania
    3. The real Indiana Jones
      ANSWER: C
  10. Which of these is NOT an actual dinosaur name:
    1. Moronosaurus
    2. Annoyasaurus
    3. Irritator
    4. Deinodon
      ANSWER: B

What dinosaur has a lot of accidents?

ANSWER: T. Wrecks

What dinosaur eats two scoops of ice cream?

ANSWER: A Double DIP-lodocus

What do you call a bad pterosaur?

ANSWER: Pterrible

Why did the paleontologist excavate the fossil?

ANSWER: Because she could really dig it.

“T. rex” by Alfredo De Darc, age 4 Walla-Walla, Washington

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